Enjoy looking at the photos on my desk!

In the park

23.04.2022 I am proud to announce my upcoming show in ODP gallery, Leipzig! See more.


White Wood

28.02.2022 This time I did not paint something. See pictures

Travel Through

The travel series - people and things passing: read more, see pictures.

Autumn Fire

Red Grid

A small selection from the many photos I've taken of the mysterious "red grid": read more, see pictures.



Sunset Photographer

03.10.2021 see sunset, see photographers


Night Air



Pictures of Exhibition in ODP Gallery, Leipzig 2020

When masks became mandatory in many places in spring 2020, an era began, in which we could recognize other people and their mimics in public only in a very limited way. With these portraits I addressed this new experience. All people hand-painted.
Disclaimer: I'm all for wearing masks in public places as long as infaction rates are high. Stay healthy!

Exhibition ”Zwischen” in ODP Gallery, Leipzig 2020


02.12.2019 see leaves

Mirror Clear

01.11.2018 see pictures

Auf zu

The heating system of a hundred-year-old school building has its own history. We can guess it behind the surface: see more pictures.


Analog Ghost

I used to try an old analog film ...